Breakthrough Post-Harvest Protection

Achieving the highest levels of pathogen protection requires innovative chemistries and precise control.  At Prevenio, we carefully design intervention strategies around your specific products, processes and plant conditions to achieve superior protection for your processed produce while also creating a safer work environment and reducing costs.  Our revolutionary patented post-harvest antimicrobial food wash is designed to “decouple” pathogens from the surface of your product so they can be killed in the wash water.

We have a deep understanding of how to select the right chemistries, identify the proper sequence, and use the desired concentrations for a tailored solution using our patent-pending automated delivery system.   Our unique chemistries used alone, sequenced, or in combination with PAA have proven effective at achieving 99.999%+ pathogen reduction while dramatically improving the shelf life and sensory profile of your product.

Prevenio Advantage

  • Reach highest level of protection against the top pathogenic threats on processed fruits and vegetables
  • Attain 3.0+ log reduction on the surface of processed produce in less than 30 seconds
  • Achieve 5.0+ log reduction of pathogens in processing water
  • Optimize operations through precise process control with D3S Delivery System
  • Dramatically improve shelf life and sensory profile

Precise Protection from an Automated Delivery System

Prevenio’s innovative solutions for produce, coupled with our D3S Automated Dosing and Control System, was designed to optimize your operations, apply multiple chemistries and significantly improve worker safety while reducing costs.

Exceptional Technical Service to Optimize your Process

We support our innovative approach and engineering solutions with a superior team of technical service professionals who create, implement and monitor your specific intervention plan.

Stay One Step Ahead with Our Prevenio Labs

We offer a full-service laboratory specializing in microbiology focused on both field and R&D testing. Prevenio labs provide complete testing solutions with quick turnaround times.


Not all peracetic acid products are alike.  Prevenio believes that selecting the right peracetic acid and optimizing the concentration and pH are crucial to achieve the highest levels of protection and extension of shelf life.  OxypHresh has proven to be highly effective in killing pathogens on both fresh cut and RAC produce and is also certified  organic and kosher.


ProduceShield+ is a patented antimicrobial formulation with greater efficacy and superior performance versus chlorine. It is very stable under high organic loads and requires less additional dosing to maintain effective concentrations. PS+ is odorless and tasteless, saves water and provides up to a 5-log reduction in Salmonella and E. coli.

with OxypHresh

ProduceShield + with OxypHresh is a superior antimicrobial solution that provides rapid reduction of pathogens. It provides significant reductions in Salmonella and E. coli  within a 20 second contact time. The unique blend is also very effective in reducing yeast and mold and spoilage bacteria therefore extending shelf life.


BasicpHresh is a processing aid used to adjust pH in the wash process. When used in conjunction with PAA, it creates an innovative antimicrobial solution that has proven effective on reducing E. coli, salmonella and bacteria in produce while also improving worker safety. This combination most notably improves the shelf life and appearance on leafy greens.

ProduceShield+ Mushroom

ProduceShield+ Mushroom is an advanced antimicrobial solution that was specifically designed to effectively clean the surface of mushrooms without impacting taste or color.   Utilizing 100% FDA GRAS ingredients, this product is effective at killing E. coli 0157 in wash water, while providing improved appearance and whiteness of the produce.


Let us help you achieve the highest level of microbiological performance with our quality solutions that maximize yield and protect your workers, your product, and your brand.


Partner with us as we bring innovative solutions and science to the food processing industry by applying new ways of thinking to our solutions, systems, and the services we provide.


Our innovative chemistries and engineering solutions are supported by a superior technical service team that work closely with our customers to deliver precise and predictive protection.