Who We Are:

Formerly CMS Technology, Prevenio is a food safety company that is a leader in providing innovative solutions with superior pathogen protection that significantly enhance food safety for its clients and their customers in the protein and produce markets.  With technology based on novel combinations of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials, Prevenio utilizes automated process controls to deliver tailored solutions into these markets.  Headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey with research facilities in Georgia, Prevenio was founded in 2011 by scientists and engineers determined to create powerful and precise food protection.

Our Evolution:  

Our new name, Prevenio, highlights the preventive aspect we bring our clients to achieve the highest level of microbiological performance, improved worker safety and the reduction of chemical and water usage.   Prevenio continues its commitment of providing an exceptional technical team and breakthrough solutions to prevent foodborne illness from entering the supply chain.   Already a leader with proven effectiveness in poultry, we are now bringing the same level of Performance, Innovation, Service and Safety to the produce and hand sanitizer space.


Become the recognized leader in food safety by providing innovative solutions supported by an exceptional technical team that protect consumers and enhance food quality for the people and companies Prevenio serves.

What We Are Passionate About:

We’re protecting lives and the trust we have in the food we eat.

We’re also ensuring your products are the best they can be.

We stake our reputation on the quality of your products, the safety of your workers and the health of your consumers.


Our mission is to make the world’s food supply safer for consumption through novel technologies that are both safe and sustainable.


  • Enabling Highest Level of Microbiological Performance
  • Precise Protection from an Automated Delivery System
  • Promoting Sustainability through Water and Chemical Conservation
  • Deeply Understanding our Customers’ Processes
  • Providing Exceptional Technical Service


Let us help you achieve the highest level of microbiological performance with our quality solutions that maximize yield and protect your workers, your product, and your brand.


Partner with us as we bring innovative solutions and science to the food processing industry by applying new ways of thinking to our solutions, systems, and the services we provide.


Our innovative chemistries and engineering solutions are supported by a superior technical service team that work closely with our customers to deliver precise and predictive protection.